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Lagardère: "Take A Deep Breath EP" - Digital Release

Lagardère: "Take A Deep Breath EP" - Digital Release

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VHD002 - Digital release

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Lagardere strikes again on Vanina Hänin with his brand new 4 tracks EP - which sound like totally Spring flavored fresh running blood - each one of them inviting us for a deep breathing electronic meditation session.

A non-stop rebirth journey, a sort of "against the clock" race, to get brand new and better, which has to be engage no later than now.

The whole EP is breathing with daring and audacious uses of noises, unexpected breaks, weird and crazy sounds, giving to all the tracks this special way of rethinking electronic music more like paintings, souls representations, unique moments that could be compared to endless cinematographic musical travelings. This is extremely particular of Lagardere’s sound wanderings and experimentations, far from the formated nowadays productions, his personal touch being again and always well there, strongly present and uncompromised in his productions. His music is and will always be free of clichés, that is for sure.

You've just woken up, the journey starts like a high-energy race with the dazzling speedy track « Deep Breath » the music going through your veins like crazy pumping blood, the main theme beating like a heart, and you know well the final destination: the mountain tops. Open your lungs, absorb fresh glittering air filled up with electric life, open your eyes and look at peaceful views, with the very last track « Voices Of The Mountain », with its use of down-to-earth percussions as the main base, blended with superb eerie but unharmful vocals, which seems to ask: when is the last time you've really took time to contemplate the sky and the beauty of nature?

Opening your heart and your ears could be seen as the whole direction line running through the entire EP, a sub-message which is silently shouting, asking us to have a reflexion on ourselves, on life, on music. Get rid of the past with the track « Delete » with its singular percussive and bassy bouncing bass, and its melodic main theme which just travels freely through space, but still stays strong and weird enough to make you feel a little bit drunk at the end of it, as if you've swallowed too much electronic waves on the dancefloor, before getting out in the warm light.

« Metal Pianissimo » is the open door to a change, more into earth sonorities with his wood and metal main theme flying all over the subtile rhythmic, inviting us for a journey on some african undiscovered territories, a track light and deep at the same time, which could be used and seen as a sort of musical door, a passage, a switch from deep, inner, darker thoughts to a lighter, brighter world, which is waiting and standing there, somewhere outside, or may it be inside...?

« Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. » Frank Sinatra

Who will be still daring to say that music isn’t a therapy ?

Text by Vanina Hänin - Portrait by Benoît De Kimpe


Wicked oddball stuff here, packed full of dark funk.

Cool grooves...

Voices Of The Mountain is dope. Airplay and playlist!

good release

considering for review

delete for me



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About the artist


It would be difficult to categorize Lagardere, to put him in a box and to label him with a style well defined. His music is influenced by funk, jazz, hip-hop, techno. It is definitively the music in all its spectrum which revitalizes him every day and which he loves to distil with strength and a deep soul through his charmingly visionary sets and his productions.

Lagardere has mastered his own musical vision without any strict genre boundaries. He has released tracks on Villa Magica, Vanina Hänin, Kawaya Music, Ai Records, Viking Music, and has brought to life numerous projects such as Subtone Trio, an electrojazz combo with his father, and the infamous electrorock combo The Living Dead Boys.

He’s gonna tour in 2018 with his electro solo pop performance MFEDL (Memories from Electric Distant Lands), a one hour epic space ride ranging from deep pop electro to techno, with a set-up including led programming and scenic elements built especially for the show. The release of the very first single extracted from the show “Beautiful Minds”, remixed by Eric D. Clark, is already out on Vanina Hänin

His first solo album MFEDL, on which his live act is based, will be released in 2018 on Vanina Hänin, physically, on vinyl, special limited edition.

His brand new project EERIA, a blend of techno and cinematographic moods, featuring the talented singer LaMeduza has been supported by Vice Magazine, which premiered on Noisey the music video NYX ft. LaMeduza.

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