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Lagardere "Eyelands" - Digital Release

Lagardere "Eyelands" - Digital Release

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VHD012- Digital release

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Cover art by Lola Jay


"Psysoundelic. Close your eyes and let your mind paint his own Eyelands vision. An invitation to a neuromusical meditative trip. Brillant and hyp-tonic.” V.Hänin

Lagardere second solo album - his first solo album MFEDL has been released May 2018 on transparent vinyl on Vanina Hänin - is a psysoundelic journey into an untamed an fantasized parallel reality called Eyelands.

Let’s say it frankly, it’s really a kind of a meditative musical experience in which Lagardere transports the listener. Not such an easy exercise to do, but when it is well done, what a trip, and “Eyelands” definitively reaches its goal. Each and every of the nine tracks of Lagardere’s album has been crafted meticulously.

With its unique atmosphere sounding like a lost soundtrack for an obscure indie flick, blending deep atmospheres, flying epic synths melodic line, percussive and tribal elements, eerie hypnotic pads layers, ghostly pianos, grainy distorded noisy basses, “Eyelands” is definitely a piece to be listened to in one shot, from start to end, eyes closed.

You almost feel on your body the mugginess of a trip in a lost jungle, the wetness of a summer rain, the cracking of the thunder in the distance, the ups and downs of an inner mental journey, and most of all, the psychedelic power of “The Mighty Eyeplants”.

The closing track “Reaching Eyelands”, the climax of the trip, is one mad and unique piece, with this multiple kind of classical patterns played by mad synths almost on the loose, a ramping insect sounding bassline, lifting up the soul to complex and ethereal spheres, the eerie choir from a mysterious sect summoning some Eyelands ancestral gods. Cult track!

Trippy, elegant, melancholic, romantic, astonishingly visual. Lagardere definitively has got this talent to litterally paint with sound immaterial landscapes as far as the mind can see. Clairvoyant.


1. Dreaming Of Eyelands (part 1)
2. Eyelands Rainforest
3. The Mighty Eyeplants
4. Ritual
5. Dreaming Of Eyelands (part 2)
6. No Man’s Eyeland
7. Eyes Of Consciousness
8. Night Flight Over Eyelands
9. Reaching Eyelands

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About the artist

Lagardere has mastered his own musical vision without any strict genre boundaries. His still growing appetite for rhythm and non-stop passion for music continues to push him to study drum, piano and singing, allowing him to flourish as a drummer and lead vocalist in numerous local bands, the most infamous combo being the rock’n’horror band The Living Dead Boys.

He recently created an electro solo pop performance MFEDL (Memories from Electric Distant Lands), a one hour epic space ride ranging from deep pop electro to techno.

The very first single extracted from the show “Beautiful Minds”, remixed by Eric D. Clark, is also out on Vanina Hänin.

His brand new project EERIA, a blend of techno and cinematographic moods, featuring the talented singer LaMeduza has been supported by Vice Magazine, which premiered on Noisey the music video NYX ft. LaMeduza.

EERIA's second act Ratri Ep is out on Vanina Hänin.

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