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Lad: "Zelda EP" - 12"
CHF 10.00
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VHR025 - 12"
White cover

A. Isolate
B. Bergvall

Lad's Zelda EP
Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin.
Artwork by Florence Tétier
Silk-screen print available on the shop:

« If we add a new label to electronic music, is it really needed, wasn't music originally unlabeled? - Lad’s contemporary productions could be called « anticipated techno », or « architect techno », or « architechno ». These two tracks are simply brilliant and beyond what I’ve heard to date. The way Lad is building space procures the feeling to be part of the music, to be « in » it, « swallowed » by it. Isolate and Bergvall are just two hypnotizing masterpieces, transporting you into unknown and untamed territories. Deep, soulful, cinematographic, intriguing, moving. From 2D to real 3D chills.» V. Hänin

« Woods, forests, deep and dark spaces, like if Kubrick , Kurosawa and Marinetti would have gathered together to produce music, simply highly cinematographic and futuristic. Lad builds up organic visions, redefying sound in such a personal way. Definitively two superb, soulful, finely shaped and constructed electronic pieces which will undoubtedly make you dance the night away. » D. Lagardère

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LAD: "Zelda Redux" - Digital Release
CHF 5.50
VHR025dig - Digital release
artwork : Florence Tétier
mastered by : Neumatik Studio, Zagreb

Available on:








As if it were not enough with the crazily good and groundbreaking Zelda EP released on vinyl two years ago, Lad digs into the original material to deliver two brand new radical dancefloor killer tunes, along with a tech bomb bonus track and an exclusive remix from Lagardere.

A superb, deep, bouncy, traveling invitation, and a groovy techno rereading that find us shaking our feet and makes our mind dizzy. This redux EP version freely breathes and travels high-up in some mystical and untamed electronic stratosphere.

Bergvall II is a mad rolling rollercoaster, driven by crispy hi-hats and a dark funk implacable rhythmic section. Vocals are deeply haunting and hold the listener from start to the end, while woody percussive stabs punctuate the whole partition. A definitive ghost train ride in the woods, through shadows and light, its a groovy and rad dancefloor tune.

Isolate II is a pure gem of deep and punchy hypnotic futuristic techno. Mystical and dreamy oriental sounding vocals are ghostly floating on a jumpy synth sequence that take us by hand, holding it, grabbing us til the last note, the whole groove fed with a pinch of acid reminiscence. Radical subbasses supported by a hard and driving kick, sharp and dirty housy hi-hats in opposition to the intriguing melodic and light vocals nail the whole track to the ground. The perfect soundtrack for early afterhours on a fat and powerful soundsystem.

Lagardere’s mystical woods wandering remix of Bergvall is a surprising down tempo piece of music, driven by insect sounding distorted basses and orientated tribal drums. The track sounds like a white/dark magical ceremony, the poetic twisted voice of Lad’s original version leading it. Coloured with Indian influences, Lagardere’s remix takes some unknown unconscious paths, turning the piece into a musical initiatic voyage recipe. Definitively a strong, personal and daring vision of Lad’s original mix.

The Tear is simply a techno bomb. A mad steam machine which once it’s turned on rolls on and on. Constructed around a main acid and electric sound that deploys up and down like a mad driller, the whole track opens its mechanic claws to digest everything on its way. Lad constructed a main base so radical, sounding like a modern industrial version of past techno echoes, visited by reverbed and glitched clatters, electric noises and uncompromised driving hi- hats. A machine’s ballet, a boiling factory close to explosion. Pure techno dynamite.


Tracklist :
1.Bergvall II (Original Mix)
2. Isolate II (Original Mix)
3. Bergvall (Lagardere Mystical Woods Wandering Remix)
4. The Tear (Original Mix)

Gregor Tresher // Awesome release
Maceo Plex // Bergvall II is slammin
Laurent Garnier // very good release
Ed Davenport // The Tear is pretty brutal - I like!!
Alessio Mereu // Bombs!
Deepchild // Tasty tasty bangers
Sasha // deep and deadly
Doomwork // Bergvall II is dope!!
Johnny Cruz // this is too bad ass for words...
Luciano Sambati // Bergvall (Lagardere Mystical Woods Wandering Remix) is really nice!!
Jamie Stevens // Bergvall II is good. An EP of post-apocalyptic vibes.
Alan Bergmann // Amazing EP!!!


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