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Vanina Hanin

Artist: Fabien Clerc
Technique: Faience émailée 1050° / Enameled earthenware
Dimensions: 16 x 19 x 8cm

Vanina Hänin's art & music online shop was born from a simple idea, which states that art & music have never really been divided in two specific categories, that for centuries the combination of the two has extracted fabulous realisations from minds of human beings.

"This "about us" page could have been renamed "about me", but not so much, 'cause finally this shop, and all the pieces you are now able to purchase through it, talk much more "about us" than anything else.

These artists pieces reflect our time. They reflect our way of thinking about our society in terms of breaking the codes, of mixing together all the influences that are sort of secretely locked into what we call "mémoire collective".

What you will find in this shop is an autopsy of our society through objects and music pieces. We live in a time that has already witnessed so many great artists, writers, musicians, poets, sculptors, filmakers, but our generation is also giving birth to a brand new breed of talented visionaries; because art has always been here, there and everywhere, and it has always been an open field for experimentation, a mirror for individuals that question the beauty and the uglyness carried by mankind thru-out the centuries. Art has always been a powerful tool for one to be heard... and hurt also.

We've entered an era full of clashes, mixing of the techniques, ready made, that are today and most often a frontal critic of our times. That is also what art is about; about being irreverent badasses -"sale gosses"- leading us towards a new way of seeing a near future through the artists thoughts, giving us keys to be able to "see through", to rethink and reshape our world.

Art has always surrounded me and I've always felt strongly attracted to it in all of its forms; and these forms know no boundaries, may it be from the early paintings, the first notes and percussions from the prehistoric era to what we strangely call today contemporary art. All art has been contemporary!

I definitively have to end this short text by a quote from Kandinsky: "L'âme de l'artiste, si elle vit vraiment, n'a pas besoin d'être soutenue par des pensées rationnelles et des théories. Elle trouve par elle-même quelque chose à dire."


Have a pleasant journey through the visions of all these great artists!

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